Annual Training 2022
Reflect, Recharge, Refocus
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Welcome to Annual Training!
Theme for Annual Training 2022:
Carrying through with acts of kindness for the benefit of all people and the world.
Guidance by Her Holiness Keishu:
“I hope that [our Annual Training] will help as many people as possible touch upon the awakening and liberation of [shinnyo that is] ever-present. May we be inspired to renew our efforts in practice and to act in gratitude for the myriad blessings of merit in our lives as we look to the newest enhancement of our many expressions of shinnyo: the dedication of a new Temple II and its integrated design with the Shinnyo Stupa.” – Her Holiness Keishu, November monthly guidance
What is Annual Training?
At Shinnyo-en, members take this period as an opportunity to take themselves back to the origins of the Shinnyo Path and reflect on the founding spirit of the Shinnyo Parents. Shinnyo-en was born out of the decision of its founders, Shinjo and Tomoji, to undertake spiritual training in early January of 1936. Feeling they wanted to do more for the world around them, they resolved to live a life based on loving compassion and the altruistic, selfless wish to help others do the same.

The Annual Training period at Shinnyo-en is an opportunity for us to do the same—to reflect on how far we’ve come, to recharge by drawing fresh inspiration, and to refocus—setting out on a renewed course toward achieving our spiritual goals. Annual Training is a new start that can help us reflect on how, like Shinjo and Tomoji, we can make use of what we encounter ahead to transform our lives. For them, it meant becoming a guiding light for others.

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Founder Kyoshu’s Verse:
Filled with everlasting hope, I shall go forth armed with the joy of participating in the annual training.
2022 Annual Training Schedule:
Opening Period:
January 20 - 24
Middle Period:
January 25 - 30   (individual practice/varies with location)
Closing Period:
January 31 - February 4
2022 Annual Training Service Schedule:
(Please check with your local temple for attending these services)
Annual Training Homa Service:
January 28
Setsubun (Coming of Spring) Service:
February 3
Service to Honor the Shinnyo Spiritual Faculty:
February 4
Day to Mark the Founding of the Shinnyo Path:
February 8