Annual Training 2019
Reflect, Recharge, Refocus
Welcome to Annual Training 2019!
Keishu Shinso guidance:
“The Annual Training is a period through which we take ourselves back in spirit to the very beginning of the Shinnyo teaching. In the early part of 1936, the Shinnyo Parents made a resolution to devote their lives to helping each individual find true happiness. Through their initial 30 day winter austerities, they cultivated the firm resolve to do so and thus embarked on the path that became our foundation in the Shinnyo teaching.

In Japan, winter austerities are common in many fields. People expose themselves to some form of hardship in order to cultivate discipline of mind and body. It can be seen as making a fresh start, cultivating determination and humility or for acquiring a new perspective. During the coldest part of the year, many Buddhist monks go through a 30 day period of austerities that include alms-begging, water fall ablutions and prayer offerings.

In Shinnyo-en, everyone gets to renew their determination to carry through ‘for the sake of others and society,’ which was the motivation that drove the Shinnyo Parents to forge the spiritual path we know today as the teachings of Shinnyo-en.”
What is Annual Training?
Annual Training, originally called Winter Training, comes from the Japanese tradition of engaging in austerities during the coldest part of the year in order to develop oneself mentally, physically and spiritually. The intent of such ascetic practices is to aim towards a state of enlightenment and develop one’s heart and mind through test of physical endurance. Winter Training is the oldest form of practice in Shinnyo-en, having been held continuously since 1936.
2019 Annual Training Schedule:
Opening Period:
January 20 - 24
Middle Period:
January 25 - 28   (individual practice/varies with location)
Closing Period:
January 29 - February 2
2019 Annual Training Service Schedule:
(Only at temples, please check local temple schedule)
Annual Training Homa Service:
January 29 (Recommended 1st Day Training of Closing Period)
Setsubun (Coming of Spring) Service:
February 3
Service to Honor the Shinnyo Spiritual Faculty:
February 4
Day to Mark the Founding of the Shinnyo Path and
Relocation Ceremony of the Timeless Shinnyo Masters:
February 8