Annual Training 2023
Reflect, Recharge, Refocus
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Welcome to Annual Training!
Theme for Annual Training 2023:
Holding high the light of shinnyo everlasting in our hearts as we embark upon Annual Training.
Guidance by Her Holiness Keishu:
“Light” points to the light of the Shinnyo Dharma built upon [the Three Pillars of] the Nirvana Sutra, the traditional dharma lineage, and the spiritual stream active within our Shinnyo Path. The light of the Shinnyo Dharma keeps burning brightly through our efforts to maintain and transmit it.

“Shinnyo” points to the teachings of the Shinnyo Masters as well as the awakening and spiritual liberation that they enable us to experience through their examples of great lovingkindness.

“Everlasting” connotes their timeless presence—they are always with us.

“Our hearts” points to a state of being in one heart with the Shinnyo Masters. We meditate on them, keeping them close to our hearts as our spiritual refuge.

“Holding high” means to pursue the Shinnyo Dharma with a sense of pride and share it among others with a sense of purpose.

Lastly, “Annual Training” is an opportunity to return in our hearts to our sangha’s origins by experiencing a small part of what the Shinnyo Parents went through at the inception of our community. Inspired by the experience, I hope to see everyone forge their own [path to a future] filled with everlasting hope and joy.
What is Annual Training?
At Shinnyo-en, members take this period as an opportunity to take themselves back to the origins of the Shinnyo Path and reflect on the founding spirit of the Shinnyo Parents. Shinnyo-en was born out of the decision of its founders, Shinjo and Tomoji, to undertake spiritual training in early January of 1936. Feeling they wanted to do more for the world around them, they resolved to live a life based on loving compassion and the altruistic, selfless wish to help others do the same.

The Annual Training period at Shinnyo-en is an opportunity for us to do the same—to reflect on how far we’ve come, to recharge by drawing fresh inspiration, and to refocus—setting out on a renewed course toward achieving our spiritual goals. Annual Training is a new start that can help us reflect on how, like Shinjo and Tomoji, we can make use of what we encounter ahead to transform our lives. For them, it meant becoming a guiding light for others.

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Founder Kyoshu’s Verse:
Filled with everlasting hope, I shall go forth armed with the joy of participating in the annual training.
2023 Annual Training Schedule:
Opening Period:
January 20 - 24
Middle Period:
January 25 - 30   (individual practice/varies with location)
Closing Period:
January 31 - February 4
2023 Annual Training Service Schedule:
(Please check with your local temple for attending these services)
Annual Training Homa Service:
January 28
Setsubun (Coming of Spring) Service:
February 3
Service to Honor the Shinnyo Spiritual Faculty:
February 4