Annual Training 2020
Reflect, Recharge, Refocus
Welcome to Annual Training 2020!
Guidance by Her Holiness Keishu:
“There is nothing easy about the realities we all face daily. Our everyday lives may include laughter and joy, but they may also include hardship and sadness. Both the good and the bad makes us strong. I believe in the human potential. We are all indispensable. We are all interconnected. Believe in yourself and carry through with confidence. That collective step will pierce any darkness, to make the world a brighter place.”
What is Annual Training?
It was in 1936 that Founder of Shinnyo-en, Master Shinjo Ito, together with his wife, Tomoji decided to follow the path of the Buddhas.  In the same year, Master Shinjo was righteously ordained at Daigoji Monestary of the Shingon school of Buddhism.

Shinnyo-en’s Annual Training is a time for us to relive the practices that our Founding Masters undertook.  It is a time-honored discipline that has been going on since the inception of the teaching. The training will start on January 20th, culminating with a homa service on February 8th, the day marking the founding of the Teaching. During this time, we should reflect on ourselves, change our bad habits and light a way for a good start of the new year.

Founder Kyoshu’s Verse:
Filled with everlasting hope, I shall go forth armed with the joy of participating in the annual training.
2020 Annual Training Schedule:
Opening Period:
January 20 - 24
Middle Period:
January 25 - 30   (individual practice/varies with location)
Closing Period:
January 31 - February 4
2020 Annual Training Service Schedule:
(Only at temples, please check local temple schedule)
Annual Training Homa Service:
January 28
Setsubun (Coming of Spring) Service:
February 3
Service to Honor the Shinnyo Spiritual Faculty:
February 4
Day to Mark the Founding of the Shinnyo Path:
February 8